Welcome to the *NEW* GoKateShoot

Spring is in the air, which means it's time to focus on freshening things up! That goes for GoKateShoot too - welcome to the shiny new site. This has been a long time in the works, and I'm ecstatic to present it to you. I wanted the new site to be an easy way for visitors to see my portfolio and the diversity of work I create, while still getting their GoKate style fix. 

There's a lot of new content; I added several personal projects that I've never released, videos I produced, and lots more travel and fashion than ever before. Go ahead and use the menus to your left to explore all of the new stuff! I'm beside myself with excitement to share all of my favorite photographs, and hope you enjoy. Don't fret though - the old GoKateShoot blog is still here under GoKateBlog, and I'll still be sharing my most recent work with brand new posts.  


To celebrate the new style of GoKateShoot, I produced a series of studio portraits with myself and two of the people who are most important to my creative and personal lives, menswear designer Eliot Payne and artist Martin Swift. They are endlessly supportive, perfectly critical, and incredibly talented, so this shoot was meant to pay homage our incredible creative relationships. This intimate studio shoot was taken in my personal space, and images were captured by myself and Eliot. Enjoy the new site, new photos, and know that I can't wait to share more quite soon.  

All the best,