Hot Toddies with Worn Abroad

With the weather all blustery, I can't help but hibernate a bit - so when I received an invitation for hot toddies and editorial chats in the Worn Abroad studio, I was glad for the chance to be cozy and social at the same time! Of course, the ladies in attendance were stylish, and couldn't help but document. 

Haya Tetroashvili of GoodGoodGorgeous and Melanie from La Belle Mel were there all kitted out in stripes and accessory-laden tweed. After the party, I stayed on for some music and laid back chats with Worn founder Nicole Aguirre and her assistant Anastasia - there's nothing more stylish than music while sipping a hot drink on a cold evening! Many thanks to the Worn team for hosting - now that I'm settled in my new apartment I hope to return the favor!