Gala Girl

Saturday night I had the pleasure of going to the Children's Charity Foundation Gala at the Washington Hilton. With only two day's notice that I'd be going, I was a little worried about finding a gown. It all worked out; I found this 1930's vintage chiffon piece at Treasury vintage, and fell in love. It used to belong to a Washington Post reporter, so I loved it even more; a story makes a piece special, you know? Add a French twist, a classic red lip and shoe, my grandmother's pearls, and a hand-beaded vintage clutch and I was ready to go. Artist Martin Swift took some snaps before the evening began. The highlight of my evening was getting to see the Temptations perform at the gala; yes, the Temptations! They were wearing glittered tuxes and could still cut a rug!

Happy Monday all.