Ziggy Stardust and BIG NEWS

I love Halloween, and always have. What?! It is now socially acceptable for me to wear this insane hat/facial glitter/period-era Civil War ball gown?! I'm in. 

Being the rock and roll-loving girl that I am, this year I opted for a fem take on David Bowie's Ziggy Stardust, complete with face makeup, slick-back, and silver bodysuit. A little much? Of course, that's how you know my love is reeeeeal! You can find my full look (complete with dragstar Vogueing) in this set of pictures HERE, but these are two multiple exposure self portraits I created to document the look. Enjoy!

I'm showing my work twice in the next two weeks or so! 
I was selected by Ford (yes, the car company) and DC Week creators iStrategyLabs to receive their Ford Artist Grant and create an installation for the upcoming DC Week Closing Party. That will be November 7th, here in DC, and you can find details and tickets to the party at the DC Week website.

I'm also going to be one of the featured artists showing as part of No Kings Collective's Submerge 2012 art festival, the highly-anticipated return of their smash success pop-up gallery. I'll be showing a robust collection of large-scale prints of some of my most personal work. Aside from being some of my closest friends here in Washington, Peter Chang and Brandon Hill of No Kings got rave reviews in the Washington Post about how they're changing the model for the art industry in DC with Submerge and other pop-up events they build out an curate with international artists. After working on several events together, I'm more than a little proud of them, and would love to have you come out for the show. It opens November 10-18th, and you can get all the details HERE.