915 F Street: Fashion Film

Long time no...well, anything. I'm working like a maniac, so thanks for your patience! That being said, I'm so excited to share my newest project with you! My friends over at No Kings Collective commissioned me to put together a video in advance of the Know Fashion event, which is an art/runway show/music exhibition that you can't miss - it's the perfect fusion of edgy street and high end fashion. 

I tapped model/muse KC Ellis Sledd for this dark, romantic art film, which will be a large scale video installation on site tonight. We shot everything in 1 hour on Tuesday night (two days ago, so reasonable...), and used an incredible sheer vintage nightgown I snagged from my friends over at Butler + Claypool. I didn't have this project on my plate when I bought it, but oh my, I'm glad I did! Then I edited until the wee hours Tuesday and last night, when I wrapped around 1:30am and then went straight back to the space to coordinate the video installation. Phew! I wanted to give you an advanced preview of the video here, and would love if you could get tickets and come out tonight. You can get tickets through ScoutMob, HERE.

My installation is part of the newest pop-up exhibition space by No Kings Collective, called the Pallet Project. This show is incredible - a grand, million dollar space in the heart of Chinatown that has been gutted and abandoned, and now filled with art made entirely of pallets. Fashion runway made of a vintage bowling alley? Check. VIP seating made of rehabilitated church pews? Double check.  Get ready to get rocked by this incredible space - my video, and these gorgeous stills I shot offer a sneak peek.