A Private {Art} Affair

Painter Martin Swift, in his signature glasses and vintage sweater, worn as a scarf

Last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to the private opening of a new exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery. First, it's a complete dream to be in the museum with only a handful of other people in the middle of the night; the atrium (one of my favorite places in the city) is even more breathtaking. More importantly, the exhibition, entitled "Poetic Likeness," was wonderful. I studied (and wrote) poetry extensively while living in New York and Barcelona, so it was really nostalgic for me to see portraits of my favorites poets. 

I was beside myself with excitement when I bumped into Cat Dawson, who was one of my first friends here in DC (please, ask either of us for the story of how we met, it's priceless), who is off getting her PhD in Visual Studies and generally being brilliant about art and 23,496 other things. After a little meet and greet and wine and dine among the art, our stylish group dashed out for a night at the French Embassy, where Brightest Young Things were throwing their French Underground party. Zut alors, we had a blast! Here are some simple snaps from the night...

Micah Greenberg, looking completely dashing in his pea coat

Cat Diesel Dawson just killing it in leather trousers, Ralph Lauren dress shoes, and the most perfect blazer/shirt combo I've seen, well, ever. The blazer is short-sleeved and the shirt sleeves are black on the botton half for mix-match perfection.

Joseph Palermo in some serious 3-piece tweed

Bonjour, Maison de Francaise!

Morgan West of Panda Head Magazine in a modern take on suede/lace prairie chic. She put together the beautiful feathered teepees and headdresses...trés chic.

The ever-stylish Amy Vong - creative, model, wild woman extraordinaire. Letterman jacket? Oh yes please.