Suit Supply Opening Party

My love for (shooting) men(swear) is well-documented, so when I was invited to the opening of the new Suit Supply store here in DC of course I went. One of my good stylish guy friends is helping to run it, so I was more than happy to find out that the Dutch retailer was arriving in DC. Of course, the party attendees were lovely and stylish and I was excited to see so many friends in one room. 

Snaps abound, of course! Check them out, and enjoy. 

Quick Kate updates before the jump: 

I'm shooting for Refinery 29 for Fashion's Night Out, and am looking forward to documenting all of the wild shopping style. Come out and find me to have me take your picture.

After a night filled with leather, sequins, and my favorite subjects, I'm dashing onto a flight to San Francisco for another West Coast adventure. Hurray! This time, it'll be a couple of days in SF then off to Lake Tahoe for some serious end-of-summer fun with the Uber team. 

Then it's back to DC in time for Washingtonian's Style Setters party and loads of other fun things.

Also in there are an adorable pair of foster kittens named CUBBY and GIBS (baby kittens!), new sets of photos, and some completely killer new additions to my wardrobe for fall. You can follow it all here, on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, with different stuff on each. 
Phew! Can't wait...hold onto your hats. 

Dries Van Noten shorts? Oh yes.

Dwayne Brice is always impeccable.

Freddy Reyes' post-post-collegiate look was a rock and roll take on classics, and his Mickey Mouse watch pretty much made my night.

Quincy Jones, of course!

A little yummy Celine

High end boutique owner Marlene  Hu Aldaba had my favorite look of the evening...and I really enjoy her asymmetrical haircut. 

Freddy chatting with my style partner-in-crime Eliot Payne, founder of Accoutre