Ra Ra Rasputin: Live in the Ladies' Room

If you haven't gathered by now, I love documenting the DC underground scene. I love meeting wildly creative people who have been doing what they're doing for years, deadly in their devotion and sheer talent. Since moving here a year and a half ago, I've set out, camera in hand, to meet other creatives in wide and varied fields and make friends. There's nothing I love more than adventurous, intelligent, banter-filled friends, and I often find myself spending the most time with other artists, musicians, and designers. That's how GoKateShoot was born - my desire to make work with and of my creative friends in the District. 


Months and months ago, I met Patrick Kigongo during a particularly boisterous mid-week evening out. Turns out that we have 56,793 mutual friends and he always has some kind of Proust library book in his bag and has insanely awesome style and is the guitarist for the DC indie dance rock band Ra Ra Rasputin. Patrick and I became fast friends. We kept in contact via email as plans were made for gritty, behind the scenes photo shenanigans, until I was finally able to go to band practice with them last week. Since the epic underground creative haven Gold Leaf Studios shut down earlier this year (RIP), the band has moved out to a practice space in a Takoma warehouse, where I met them for their Wednesday night rehearsal. 

Dude. The Music. Is. Amazing. At once both rock and holy-hell-I-can't-stop-grooving-like-a-trendy-French-punk-scenegirl (yes, that's a thing), I had a blast shooting as the guys tore through their set for their upcoming 5-year anniversary show at the Black Cat. YOU HAVE TO COME! 

SERIOUSLY. COME. Get tickets HERE, put on something bitchin' and let me take your picture while you dance like a crazy person down in front, or cool out propped against the bar. It's going to be epic. 

Anyway, our shoot. So I took a bajillion pictures of the guys rehearsing (sneaky sneak, I'm releasing them tomorrow or Friday, don't fret!), and then we got to talking about the space, and they casually mentioned that the women's room upstairs had epic wallpaper

Of course I insisted upon seeing it. 

So we traipsed upstairs into the ladies room, the entire band and I. Naturally, a photo shoot ensued, and then we went to the bar. 

This is Ra Ra Rasputin, live in the ladies' room. I recommend hitting play on the video above and then checking out the snaps below; Studio Sessions photos to follow in the next day or two.