In the Studio with Ra Ra Rasputin

There are few challenges I love more than trying to document other artists and creatives at work. There's something about trying to capture that passion, the lust for expression and creation that is so dynamic! So I headed into the studio with local indie dance rockers Ra Ra Rasputin for one of their final rehearsals before their 5-year anniversary show (which is tonight!) to document behind the scenes.  There was dance-inducing rock music! Leather jackets! A few too many beers after! Lively discussions about the nature of communism, the DC creative class, and how Brock shouldn't wear jorts for photos! Generally top notch all the way around.

So, I'm happy to introduce Brock, Patrick, Josh, and Ken of Ra Ra Rasputin. Also, come to the show at the Black Cat tonight (tickets HERE), where I'll be hanging out and shooting for the band some more. Everyone and their mom seems to be coming, so you should too! Click through for some awesome rock 'n roll style and vibes.