GoKateShoot for WornAbroad

I was more than excited to participate in a little shoot with fellow style photographer Nicole Aguirre for her newest venture, WornAbroad. She and our friend Eric will be curating and selling a sweet selection of mens and womenswear pieces from around the globe, coupling them with local and vintage pieces. Both Nicole and Eric have impeccable taste, so I'm very much looking forward to shopping!

Nicole and I met up on the street in Dupont Circle for a little golden hour shoot showing off some earrings she'll be selling through WornAbroad (earring details below). The shoot was fun, and funny - I'm pretty very tall and was wearing heels yesterday, so I had to de-shoe for our shoot so we could be at eye level. You know, just casually standing around in Dupont in my socks. Here are a few of the photos Nicole took of me - the rest will debut on WornAbroad as product shots and such. 

I'm shooting the Worn 4 launch party on Saturday for Washingtonian Magazine - come out and say hey so I can take your picture, please!

I'm rocking the "Marl" earrings ($29) from a collection Nicole designed with Beth Lauren...I love how edgy but delicate they are. Need them? Yes, absolutely.