GoKate Fall Into My Style

Happy Tuesday! I'm buried in work but happily clocking insane hours doing things I love. Isn't that the best? That doesn't mean that there won't be style here! I've had the pleasure of doing lots of stylish things recently, meeting lots of new people, and have gotten my own picture taken a new times, so I thought I'd share. 

The first photo is from Washingtonian Magazine's Style Setters party, where I bumped into a passel of stylish friends and photo subjects. I wore my new buttery-soft Erro leather and suede leather pants that are tight tight tight but fabulously comfortable, a paper-thin classic white tee, a studded vest from my stint living in Barcelona, handmade leather earrings from Butler + Claypool, Dita glasses (I'm not-so-secretly a nerd girl), a lip (per usual), and some insane stilettos - I had just hopped off the plane from a week on the West coast and just couldn't do anything more involved. I was glad to do the whole model-off-duty relaxed thing though, and was impossibly comfortable for what ended up being a wild night at Que Sera for the after after party.

The second photo is from the Washington Post - they snapped me when I was out and about shooting in Georgetown for Fashion's Night Out (check out my feature in Refinery 29 HERE and all the other shots HERE) and included me as the header photo of their write-up, HERE. So sweet! I'm pretty tall, so when I saw a shorter girl with this sumptuous silk slitted skirt at the Gilt City warehouse sale, I followed her around for the better part of an hour until she realized it was too long for her. Score! I paired it with a classic white tank (trend?), a vintage Hermes scarf, and a vintage bangle from New York. There were also some serious red platforms here - so much fun!

More soon - I have wild photos to share, so stay tuned! In Uber news, I'm proud to announce this series of driver profile films that I produced to share the intimate insights of the drivers. Check it out, there will be a new one up each day this week.