GoKateTravel: San Francisco Film

If you follow me on Twitter and Instagram, you may have noticed that I've been traveling all over the place recently. For one of those trips I headed out to San Francisco for a week for some work, style inspiration, and some serious play. I loved it! I got some serious quality time with my hometown friend Abbey, who is my oldest friend in the whole world (almost 20 years of friendship!). We grew up doing dance together so it was great to bop around the city together. I also got to see my artist friend Katy from Vermont who now lives in SF. It's so nice to catch up with old friend! We traipsed all over the city but spent a huge amount of time in the colorful Mission district, an arty, up-and-coming Mexican neighborhood with great coffee spots, hole in the wall boutiques, and the most mouth-watering tacos I've ever had. 

After the sudden demise of my vintage film camera (DAMN YOU, TINY OBSCURE BATTERY THAT DIED!), I ran out and got some awesome old school disposable cameras. There's something wonderfully nostalgic about going on summer vacation with the same kind of camera I took to summer camp when I was shooting growing up, and you know how I swoon over the colors from film. 

Check out these super-colorful snaps that document one day of my explorations! I took a whirlwind road trip around the city, from the Mission to Dolores Park and the Golden Gate bridge, documenting all the way. This is a tease, too; I'll be jetting back to San Francisco for a trip to Tahoe in about a month, so there's lots more West Coast love to come! Click through, and enjoy.

Abbey and Katy on the way to Dolores Park

The view of the city from Dolores Park

My first In-N-Out burger, FINALLY! Yum!

I love the beach.

Abbey and I trying on some sweet shades while shopping in the Mission