Great Falls Film

In summer, I like things to slow down. Days are longer, and hotter, and I'm overwhelmed with the urge to do summertime activities. I just got out of DC for a week in Vermont, where I hiked, wore my brother's oldest flannel, and read books with my dog. Bliss! Of course, work calls, so I'm back in DC for a few days before jetting off to San Francisco to continue my travels for work. Though I'm wrapped up in media interviews, regulatory smackdowns, and other demands of working for Uber (SO. MUCH. FUN. but that's a story for later...), I thought I'd post some nostalgic summer film photos as a little getaway. 

Fellow photographers Caroline Lacey and Kelci House took to the road, hopping in Caroline's Jeep and heading to Great Falls, VA for some much-needed rural activity. Caroline has freshly returned from living in Paris, so I was excited to have our first outing together. With film cameras and some expired film in tow, we set off to hike through Great Falls National Park and find some cool river water to lounge in. The photos in this post document our dreamy afternoon in the sun, and are by both Caroline and I since we were sharing a camera.