Looks from the Corcoran Ball

Two weeks ago, I had the unexpected pleasure of photographing the Corcoran Ball, the high-end benefit gala the museum uses to honor their top patrons. This year's guest of honor was His Excellency the Ambassador of France (pictured below), so the entire affair was themed France-meets-America. From the food to the decorations to the music, all of the details focused on developing the fusion of the two cultures. With just a day's notice, I donned a black BCBG runway silk crepe jumpsuit that I've been saving for just such an occasion, and paired it with my signature fushcia lipstick for an elegant, understated look. It was perfect; I was happy that many of the guests complemented me on my look. Success! As my first formal black tie gala, this was one hell of a way to kick things off. 

Here are some of my favorite photos from the event; if you are looking for a photo and don't see it here, or are curious, you can find my entire set of photos HERE on the Corcoran's Flickr. My favorite trend of the evening was the proliferation of jeweled animal clutches...the leopard was my personal favorite. Enjoy!

My flash mis-fired on this shot, overexposing the subjects...but to great cinematic effect, I think! I love this happy accident, and have a whole series that look just oh so old school Washington DC. 

Bubbly was abound!

A fantastic use of sheers, and an excellent jeweled owl bag

Clutches, abandoned to dance

The ever-lovely Kristin Guiter and Melanie Kimmelman of the Corcoran

In my usual style, I wanted to capture the details and nuances of the attendees looks while showing off their personalities. This stylish attendee was so excited when I asked her to show me her bag!

Our lovely hostess with the French Ambassador

All of the table settings were gorgeous and ornate...and themed to coordinate the art in the rooms. Divine!

A fellow photographer's accessories

Oh Fendi. Yes please. 

Great specs!

The Moulin Rouge room was festooned with feathers and other decorations that lent a slightly elicit feel to the space...perfect.

A little post-work champagne? Don't mind if I do!

Of course, I ran into my old housemate Sara Axelrod and her boyfriend Colin. DC is seriously small. 

Me, in a BCBG runway jumpsuit, with the lovely Oriana in vintage (more on her, I promise!)

The Corcoran PR ladies dancing it out in Club Corcoran!

Oh, I also forgot to mention that of course, I bumped into my lovely editor from Washingtonian Magazine immediately upon arrival...and the team popped me into their photo studio to be photographed while photographing them! Their photo hasn't emerged online, so we'll see where it ends up...print perhaps?