GoKateShoot for Rock Creek Social Club: American Craft Beer Week

To kick off summer, I partnered with DC scene kings Rock Creek Social Club to shoot some photos of their American Craft Beer Week party at Smith Commons. Keep an eye out on their platforms for the whole set, but here are some of my favorite style snaps. 

Perfect clean cut menswear at its summer finest, courtesy of the RCSC crew.

Jerome Baker III

Lamine, caught in a rare moment of candor (I love this photo). I also photographed him for the WW Club HERE and HERE

DJ Spinser Tracy is alllll about the nerdo street chic...and is the master of mugging for the camera. 

Stylist Kimee Brown and makeup artist Michelle German have incredible senses of personal style; we've worked on multiple projects together and I'm always inspired by these ladies!

Moss necklace on architect Dioni Rey.

High-button collar with an alterna- clean coif. 

Easy summer menswear; hat, colorful shoes, custom pants. Yes. And the ever-iconic Elise Peterson, of course.

The obligatory arm party; this one is particularly well-executed though. 

Gigi is a vintage stylist based on Virginia...girl knows how to work color, that's for sure!

The hair. The  plugs. The errant lipstick by her ear. I love it.

Stylist Quincy Jones of Prepster Punk, and the littlest punk, Baby Lee. Like a boss. 

Annnnnd more fun from the party itself: