The WW Club: The Photos

You asked, so here they are; I'm happy to present a few photos I took at the smash hit WW Club speakeasy style event we threw last week. I restrained myself from sharing most of the burlesque photos in order to keep things family-friendly around here (Hi Dad!), but I know all of you have appropriately vivid imaginations and elephantine memories. ;) You came, you drank, you impressed the hell out of us; well done, Washington! 

I've said it before but I'll say it again; many thanks to...
Style goddess Elise Peterson for being an excellent partner-in-crime
Bow tie and menswear guru Eliot Payne
Peter Chang and Brandon Hill of No Kings Collective

Our star performers...
Burlesque queen Cherrie Sweetbottom
Songstress Alison Carney
DJ Spinser Tracy
Style collective Prepster Punk
Fidgety Feet dance troupe extraordinaire

And our lovely partners in style, for the event and look books...
Jack Spade
Alton Lane
Hugh &Crye
Ginger Root Design
The Good Kin
Streets of Georgetown 
It's Vintage Darling
Dr. K's Vintage

Also, I think you'd like to know that WE DRANK 29 BOTTLES OF WHISKEY. Rock star studs, all of you (ladies included, I know you know how to knock 'em back too)! Looking forward to raising the bar (and a glass) again next time. Cheers!