Lumen8Anacostia: (Set III)

Here's the final set of photos from my adventure around Lumen8Anacostia / Lightbox with stylist Elise Peterson. We loved playing around in this piece that is part of the 5x5 exhibit, which highlights 5 curators who each pick 5 artists to create public art. 

In case you didn't hear, we're throwing a really sexy speakeasy style event called The WW Club. 
Go get tickets HERE. Seriously. Scamper. ;) We have some amazing surprises in store and are excited to see you all. We are doing the event as part of the incredible Water St. Project, a pop-up gallery in a gutted warehouse in Georgetown. 

I spent the entire week (until 3am every night, phew!) shooting stop motion videos of the artists creating and installing their work in the space (which is BANANAS, I'm so excited!), and helping prep the space for the opening. I photographed the soft launch last night, and the grand opening tonight is going to be BONKERS. I'm shooting the gala Corcoran Ball (heyyy black tie swank), and then rolling up to the Water St. Project in all of my regalia. I will be a lot tonight, haha. Come out and have a drink, see the space, and get excited for The WW Club. 

Meanwhile, enjoy more photos of Elise in some rad art.