Free Tickets to Fashion District and Uber Car Service? Yep.

I'm about to give you a prize so exciting that you will make this hyper and excitable face that Eliot Payne made during our DC Modern Luxury shoot (pg. 60 HERE), and possibly do this silly dance that I'm doing right after we wrapped, as captured by my assistant Craig Hudson. Enjoy these extremely hilarious and potentially reputation-damaging behind the scenes photos and than scroll for SWAG GIVEAWAY. 

Got your dance party fix for a hot minute? OK awesome. 

Hey team. I run all over DC photographing and being inspired by excellent style, but this Thursday (April 12th, 7:30pm-1am, Google Calendar it up!) I will be shooting ReadySetDC's Fashion District. My bow tie and sartorial partner in crime Eliot Payne will be repping some awesomeness from Accoutre, and will be joined by some of my other DC fashion fav's, including Ginger Root Design, Kolton J, Kelly Tang, Aliceanna, Artaya, and Hugh & Crye. And AND you can also buy your goodies there, so my bank account will be wimpering but closet will be flush. Ah, the life. It's a good thing I built some extra room into my booze budget, this isn't an event to miss...

I'm going to give you a pair of tickets to come to Fashion District! 

TO WIN: Tweet a photo of you looking BOSSY @gokateshoot with the tag #fashiondistrict. And now you're all bitch, what do you mean BOSSY?!, to which I would respond, YES. Send a photo of whatever BOSSY means to you...get creative! Bought a new pair of Prada heels that you're itching to rock ASAP? Bossy. Have wild new blazer that you want to show off? Yup, fully bossy. Make a funny face that makes me lol at my office job so that my officemate thinks I'm a total loony? Absolutely bossy. Cat photos? Definitely bossy. There is nothing serious about this; have fun with it! I'll pick a winner tomorrow night and tweet at you to get you hooked up.

Get BOSSY for Fashion District, I'll see you there! 

Hold up though. I need to confess something to the world that only my closest friends anyone who has ever met me  knows. I am perpetually 3-30 minutes late at all times. And you'll say, oh hey girl, it's cool, that's sort of just like fashionably late, right?! Wrong. I mean, that would be more or less logistically correct, but I don't need validation for my bad habit. There is nothing fabulous about being rudely late for an actual timed meeting/party/underwater basket weaving class. I know right?! My friend once asked me, "Ohmahgod, how do you get all over the city so fast and go to more than one shoot in a night? That's ah-mazzzzzing!" I used to take cabs, and my bank account failed. A lot. And I would arrive places thinking, noooo, it smelled like a mix of weird spices and 2 day-old takeout in that cab...I really reallllllly hope I don't smell like that now.  

And then there was Uber and all was right in the world. I can absolutely get down with having a private driver and car service always 5 minutes away (thereby negating the arghhhh where are all the cabs I'm so late, or, WHY ARE THERE NO CABS ON H STREET AT 4AM?!, or, WHAT IS THAT SMELL?! moments). Ubers smell awesome and save me from infinite lateness. Miracles. 

So! When you win the Fashion District tickets, you win the Uber ride too! Uber has generously offered you and your hot date/arm candy/wingperson/bestie a lux ride to Fashion District, complete with a BOSSY SECRET RED CARPET ENTRANCE and AN UBER COCKTAIL. Love it. Enter! 

Aren't feeling particularly bossy? That's OK! You can find all pertinent details and purchase tickets at On top of that, even if you don't win, first time Uber riders can get $15 off their first trip. Use the promo code ReadysetDCFashion at or in the Uber iPhone/Android app to receive your discounted ride. On a Blackberry? Sign up at then text your location to 827-222 to request a ride. Questions? Just email