Riding Nerdy

So as my close friends know, I can be pretty nerdy. We're not talking pocket protectors and the like, but rather the ability to get really hyper excited and passionate about select topics (Post-processing techniques! The history of Barcelona! How maple syrup is made!). And while photo is fun, it's work as well, and there are times when I buckle down and get a little serious. For those times, I wear my glasses, which I've had since the second grade. Yup, I have glasses...I'm blind as a bat. No, I will not share middle school photos of myself at this point in the narrative...those style choices are in the past for a reason. 

I usually wear contacts, but when it came time to get my eyes checked, I decided to approach shopping for glasses as an opportunity to make a serious style statement. I picked these Dita's, and I love them. While remaining stylish, they make me feel smart on decidedly on point, if you  know what I mean. Some days, getting dressed is a way for me to feel more together, and this is one way. I can't wait to play around with how they change my look!