Periwinkle Girl

I love nothing more than a leisurely Saturday morning/afternoon coffee camp out (Ooo hello, yes, coffee and writing some little poems or chatting with friends please!), so I was pleased as punch to spot this lovely lady at Chinatown Coffee recently.  Upon introducing myself, I came to find out (as I often do) that we have oodles of mutual friends, particularly the ladies of Trash Cat Collective, a local vintage pop-up. She is wearing some pieces she found from them, including this baby blue top. I'm so inspired by people who rock pieces that I would never think to pick up. Inspiring. Perhaps now I'll try my vintage lingerie under a leather jacket or one of the floral blazers for spring. Hm...

Geodes! Hurray!

My favorite detail is her neck tattoo; I love how the aesthetic of her ink adds a feminine edge to her baby doll top.