Men in the Rain

As I said in my contribution for Brightest Young Things this week, I love men, and by that I mean I love photographing men who love pocket squares and vintage work boots and sharp suits and slightly nerdy glasses. Read the rest of my pithy commentary there. It attempts to be slightly witty and marginally informative.

But I'll tell you a tad more about the men in this post. Last week I threw an impromptu meeting of the style minds themed around, completely randomly, llamas. It's a long story. The point is that I got nearly a dozen DC men to get dressed and come out on a rainy night, just to get dressed. And to celebrate llamas, but that's beside the point. People don't believe that DC is stylish and this is a PERFECT example of the exact opposite. In fact, DC men are so excited for an occasion to get dressed, that they will celebrate llamas. 


Trey Smith

Eliot Payne, Founder of Accoutre.

Eric Schulze, founder of Thirst DC