Friend Time, and Seasonal Inappropriateness

Happy spring everyone! I had some lovely "quality friend time" with my business partner, Eliot Payne last night on H St. We got pie at Dangerously Delicious Pies (where our friendship originally began), and had lots of real talk. We are involved in several very LARGE and EXCITING projects coming up, so it was good to get down and hash out some details. I'm so grateful for being part of a creative team that's so rad!

I love Eliot's use of a handkerchief in place of a bow tie. Hilariously, he was asked about his lack of bow tie no fewer than 5 times when we were out and about last night. Ah well, at least people know what his style is all about! The above photo is hilarious for several reasons:
1. Eliot is dressed for spring and I'm wearing a fur. Typical.
2. Growls. Also typical.