Found Film by Doug Warren

I inherited my film camera and a bag full of its accompanying gear from my father several years ago. I've used it on and off, most notably to shoot black and white film that I processed and printed myself all throughout college. The camera is a behemoth that is so heavy I feel safer walking alone at night while carrying it. And it takes pretty decent pictures if you know what to do with it. 

I was digging around in the camera bag the other day, and found an undeveloped roll of film. Presumably the last roll shot by my father when he still used the camera, it was unmarked and undated. I took it to be developed, filled with curiosity and excitement. As you can see, the photos are of our trip to the Grand Canyon at least 10 years ago (Yes, I am in the photos wearing a hoodie haha). I love the colors and how beautifully distorted the perspective is on these wide angle images. Beautiful. 

I plan on blowing these up and framing them as a series in my house; my memories from this trip are very fond, and these lost photos are a testament to how a photographer can interpret another photographer's work.