Film: Miss Laura

This is the lovely Miss Laura, who I have the pleasure of working with.  On one of the first summer-warm days last week, she floated into my office in this sunny yellow little number and I took some snaps when we went for froyo (Yes, I can take photos and eat froyo at the same time. Priorities, man!). It wasn't so much that this showcases a really loud style, per se, but rather how one piece can so nicely express an ease and personal comfort. No matter what your style, I think we all have clothes that make us feel completely ourselves, stripping us of the need to play a role. Do you know what I mean? I'm talking about those clothes you wear wear you're not even playing dress-up anymore, the things that are just for you. 

It's different for everyone...mine is a flannel shirt. I have many layers of wonderful memories wearing flannel shirts, mostly wrapped up in great memories of winter Sunday afternoons in front of the fireplace at my parent's house in Vermont. Flannel shirts are a weekend uniform, reserved only for those social engagements with people I'm just being completely laid back with. 

This dress has that same ease, I think. One piece slipped over the head, breezy walking to work through the city. Perfect for froyo afternoons on the Dupont Circle fountains, and the color I think of when I think of the wearer. So nice! 

These are a few film photos I took of Laura with my vintage camera while we were taking a quick break from the office. Enjoy!