Film: Meredith Carter

Here are some film images I took during the shoot with the lovely Meredith Carter, Creative Director of The Shirt for Washingtonian Magazine (read the whole article HERE). There was a mild snafu with my old and beastly camera pulling the film off the spool, causing it to ruin the last several frames and add light spills (read: crazy colors) to several others. I love them! The lack of control leads to wonderful surprises; my favorite is this portrait.  

Meredith and I had a delightful shoot despite my own rocky start to the day (alarm clock fail, traffic, no cabs, double coffee spill), and hit it off right away. We have a few mutual friends, similar perspectives on life and hard work, and both have backgrounds in dance, so we had a LOT to talk about! 

I'll have all of the digital outtakes coming up soon too, so check back for photos of Meredith's space, inspiration boards, and more outfits.