Street Snaps: Corcoran

Tonight is a stylish event marathon: I'm doing a femme menswear look with 6 different prints (ohhhh yes!) to step out with Eliot Payne as my partner in crime to the extraordinarily sold out Hugh & Crye + CapFABB + The You Finder event (mmm men, haha), which focuses on menswear style. Directly after, we're zipping over to the highly anticipated Thirst DC event. I will be giving a talk in the near future, so I'm going to photograph, flirt, and get an idea of what the heck is going on. Per usual. 

These photos are from a set I did for the Corcoran at a recent talk by inspiring artist Kara Walker. We have some incredible nail art, prints, unique specs, and as always, major color. Taking notes.