GoKateStreet: Get Inspired!

Happy Friday! In an effort to publish the gads of one-off photos I have, this is a little super post filled with photos I captured in the course of my day-to-day life. WARNING: This is a really, really random post. I mean, it's really more like six posts in one. sort of. But I want to share these photos with you, because I think the people in them are inspiring! I most always have my camera with me, poised and ready to document the many, many people that inspire me. In restaurants, on the street, at events, and hither and thither I go taking photo after photo of people who chose to make a distinctive style choice when they got out of bed. People give me strange looks initially sometimes, but are happy to oblige almost all of the time. I am proud of how open people are; a genuine smile and detail-oriented complement are my secrets to facilitating super-friendly exchange and a photo or two. 

The first photo was of my waitress when I was out to dinner on Sunday...her leather knotted and feathered earrings are by a local designer. I love them!

Stylist Kimee Brown came to our editorial pitch meeting wearing, what else, vintage Chanel. I love the turned up cuffs and button detail!

This is my coworker Whitnet Hubbard. She has been inspiring my day job style since we started working together a month ago, and I FINALLY convinced her to shoot! I love her color blocking and graphic look here, very neuvo-office attire. She's a perfect example of how DC can be both stylish and work appropriate.  I loved that while we were shooting, she made sure that I noticed the seam down the back of her stockings. Such a great throw-back! 

I am going to be shooting Whitney much more often, so keep an eye out for more workplace sartorial inspiration. 

Sarah Zlotnick! While on my way to a shoot for Washingtonian, I ran into my editor on the street. Annnd she was on her way to get coffee with another stylista we know in DC. It is such a small city, and I love that I can pop out and see five people I know before getting to my destination. Amazing! I included these because I love her mix of textures through her sheer shirt, and on-trend color combination of neon and fushcia. Very pow pow! 

This is Olive, the office dog at iStrategyLabs. I went to photograph a someone for Washingtonian (those photos are coming soon, don't worry!), and was charmed by this little lady! 

This is Dioni Rey, one of my first friends in DC. She's an amazing architect, but I loved her take on masculine-influenced work wear. We were hanging out at the BlackCat earlier this week and I convinced her to hop up on the bowling table. You know, really normal place to drink a beer casually. ;)

This pair of photos is of a couple I met while at coffee. They are both wearing impossibly chic statement glasses, and I love her fingerless leather gloves. We had a great conversation about style; she believes that personal style develops and changes over time, and that pieces are acquired and loved along the way. Her "look" developed through years of finding favorite pieces here and there, layering on new staples that came to exemplify her personal style. 

I love the detail of these rings; the first is worn by style videographer Caroline Lacey, and the second by the aforementioned stylish waitress. The second is a rad little finch ring! Yay!