GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Necessary & Proper Editorial

Last weekend I had the pleasure of photographing the stylish founders of Necessary & Proper, a DC style blog devoted to what I'm roundly enjoying calling high-prep with a twist. Van and Lauren and I had a blast photographing their color-infused wardrobes. So much fun! Though I am very much the opposite of preppy (I own 3 pairs of motorcycle/combat boots), I appreciate their attention to detail, impeccable eye for color, and sense of whimsy. Van used to work for Ralph Lauren corporate and Hermes, which influenced the evolution of his style. Lauren tends to go for classic, chic pieces that she styles in a fresh, modern way. 

Anyway, less talking more photos. Don't worry, there are LOADS of them here, I just couldn't pick so I posted them all. ENJOY!