GoKateShoot for Washingtonian Magazine: Maggie Hoak

GREAT NEWS! Today is the launch of the new column I'm shooting for Washingtonian magazine that profiles what stylish DCers are wearing to work to get their sartorial flair on in the board room. I love the process of shooting these; I get to meet intelligent, stylish people, so to their homes, and hang out as long as it takes to photograph them. You know I love talking to any and everyone, so this is a very apt assignment for me. 

The first post is on Maggie Hoak, who works for DC culture mecca the Kennedy Center. Though her office attire is filled with twisted basics by Rag & Bone and apt pattern mixes (not unlike her apartment, as you'll see), it is the need for her to own an extensive black tie wardrobe for work that had me all jealous. Here are some of my favorite shots that didn't make it into the column, but check out the whole post with an interview by the unmatched editorial whirlwind Sarah Zlotnick HERE

I loved Maggie's apartment as much as I did her wardrobe, and was particularly jealous of her amazing octopus triptych. You know how I love a good octopus

The What I Wear to Work column will be running every Wednesday, so keep checking back here for my favorite outtakes.