GoKateShoot for Washingtonian: Eric Schulze's Grand Style Luncheon

For my column for Washingtonian's What I Wear to Work, this week features brilliant FDA biologist  and Thirst co-founder Eric Schulze. I met Eric when I approached him at Busboys and Poets HERE, and we've been friends ever since. I'm giving a talk for Thirst next month, so we started hanging out to discuss my talk and never stopped. When I told him that Washingtonian wanted to run an article on him and that I would need to come to his house to do the shoot, he went big. Instead of just quietly going through his closet and meeting up, Eric threw an impromptu Grand Southern Luncheon at his apartment in honor of the shoot. Bow tie and menswear guru Eliot Payne joined me to help Eric with styling, and several other Thirst team members came to sample Eric's INCREDIBLE Southern cooking. The man approaches the kitchen the way he does a lab (brilliantly), but with delicious results. He also invited DJ Jelani of U Street Music Hall to spin, and an incredible mixologist who created FOUR custom cocktails for the event. 

Seriously. Four. What the what. AH-MAH-ZING. 

Enjoy these fun photos that did not make it into the Washingtonian article, which you can check out HERE

The custom cocktails were absolutely to die for. Also, one was named after a llama, which is always hilarious. 


The first round...

Eliot helping Eric choose a bow tie. Eliot is average height, but Eric is 6'6", in case you couldn't tell from the article photos. The man is TALL. 

Jelani was spinning it!

Annnnnd this is the segment in which Eliot puts a bow tie on the cat. Who is named Honey Bear. OBVIOUSLY. Hilarity ensues. 

On to the pocket sqaures...and the next round.

Eric was just such a good sport about me photographing him in the middle of 4 lanes of traffic! I love this...about to get hit by a bus but still fixing his bow tie! 

Those are pills on his socks. Yes, because he works for the FDA. GET IT?! Who says scientists don't have senses of humor?! Hehe.