GoKateShoot for the Corcoran: Holly Bass' Moneymaker

A couple weeks ago, I had the great honor of photographing performance artist Holly Bass for her dance marathon at the Corcoran Gallery of Art. I shoot for the gallery, but was excited when they asked me to shoot Holly, who I am blessed to call my friend. Suspended in a plexiglass box over the entrance to the museum, Holly danced for 7 hours for her piece called Moneymaker, in which she straps two gold basketballs to her butt as a commentary on how the media portrays black womens' bodies. This moving piece of work was complementary to the gallery's show 30 Americans, which highlighted 31 black artists' work. I was very moved by Holly's ability to infuse a sense of fun and style into the serious nature of the ideas behind her performance in a way that made the piece accessible to everyone there. It was beautiful, so many thanks to Holly to having me. Enjoy!