GoKateFilm: 30 Americans

Happy Monday! To start the week off, here is a series of photos I took using a disposable film camera as part of a project I did with Thirst DC cofounder Eric Schulze (pictured with the contents of his pockets below). Whenever I get a little too comfortable with my typical working patterns, I like to change styles and reverting back to my old school art background is a great way to keep things fresh. 

On Martin Luther King's birthday, I took the opportunity to revisit the 30 Americans exhibit at the Corcoran, meeting up with some of my stylish friends along the way. Stylist Elise Peterson, performance artist Holly Bass, creative team Kimee Brown, Stephanie Mills, and Michelle German, and several others. all came out to see the exhibit.

I love the lack of control with film; it is an excellent exercise in patience for me, particularly the time between dropping the film off and getting the proofs back. I have experience developing my own film, but here in the city it is much more time efficient to get it done. I love the painterly look of the photos; it is an incredible look at a truly moving exhibit.