Eliot Payne: Bow Ties Gone Wild

It's official; Accoutre bow tie designer Eliot Payne is OUT OF CONTROL about bow ties! I love it! No one gets me quite as excited about menswear as he does; so excited, in fact, that when Eliot asked me to be Creative Director of Accoutre, I happily accepted. 

Eliot makes me excited about bow ties for several reasons:

1. He approaches bow ties, men's styling in general, and life with a sense of humor that is unmatched in DC. These photos illustrate that; he completely changed his outfit FOUR TIMES in under ten minutes at It's Vintage Darling out of sheer excitement. Would YOU pair a bow tie with a gas mask, or velvet riding helmet? Nope. Me neither, but Eliot makes it make perfect sense while maintaining his impeccable eye for trends. Chambray shirt? Colorful pants? Letterman jacket? All solid menswear trends that are exploding right now. Add a gas mask and it becomes humorous, stylish gold. 

2. Eliot works Twitter like no other. His sense of humor and distinctive personality makes his Twitter well worth following. His interactions with well-known menswear brands like Bonobos are legendary, and does a great job keeping the creep-factor low and friendly-factor high. 

How did Eliot and I meet and become friends? Twitter. Yep! He tweeted me during the Tweed Ride photo shoot, I saw he was wearing a dapper bow tie, invited him to come, and multiple slices of pie and some photos later a friendship was made. #bowtiesmakeusfrisky indeed. 

3. Eliot and I are both exuberant over-communicators. We email, chat, tweet, text, and carrier pigeon about style, bow ties, and life constantly, always offering a pearl of wisdom, gentle judgment, or ALSKDFJKDJF!!!! of excitement. You know the friends that are just as excited for you as you are for you? Eliot is one of those. And so at the end of the day when I delete emails, more often than not my trash is filled with photo attachments of style inspirations, new bow tie fabrics, and other sundry Accoutre-related paraphernalia. 

4. The man looks damn good in a beard. And that is not a small feat. But I applaud, sir. 

I hope you are as inspired by my sartorial friend as I am!