Corcoran, Student Exhibition

As many of you may know, I am excited to be photographing a long-term project with the Corcoran College of Art + Design, helping them completely re imagine their website and print materials. The students and artists that compose the community of this hallowed institution are themselves completely inspiring; their art, personal style, and ways of addressing the world are diverse and unique. In addition, I have the chance to create evocative imagery around the gallery spaces there as well, meeting, photographing, and being inspired by many greats. GoKateShoot is so much about how people choose to communicate visually, and where better to go to do so then one of the best art galleries and schools in the city. 

I am grateful for the opportunity to engage in an artistic dialogue once more. While I look shooting street style, it is my larger, more creative projects that get me inspired and excited. I come from a studio art background and miss the lively intellectual rigor of critiques, hours spent intensely crouched over a canvas, and the free-wheeling, intuitive, and emotional thought process behind developing a communal body of work. DC has been incredible for this, and I have found artistic souls with whom I am blessed to create work (much of which is yet to be realized, as we continue to plan, but you'll LOVE IT, I promise). My own work has shifted and evolved, and I am looking forward to seeing how those changes meet the challenge of communicating what is incredible about the Corcoran. 

A local jewelry designer pears through the case holding her work, above. I adore the strong, intricate details. 

This young artist is wearing 4 different prints, has half his head shaved, and has a strong visual sense of self. The last statement is the most important. 

Artist Nick Cave spoke to an attentive packed house about his work, the incredible sound suits. 

I love this woman's beautifully thick belted coat. This is just the right kind of bulk. 

GOLD SHOES. !!!!! Enough said.

Mother daughter duo, with matching tights. Trend. 

This artist covered her nails in stickers because she was inspired by the colors. That's reason enough for me!

A jewelry students work speaks to an industrial marriage of organic forms and a modernist mentality. I love it!