You're Like Velvet

Last Friday night, I hit the town with some of DC's most fabulous bloggers and style setters. We relaxed on some cocktails at El Centro before making our way to my favorite bar in the city, Velvet Lounge. I lived two blocks from Velvet when I first moved here and end up there more likely than not when I go out now. With a grungy, intimate vibe, my favorite DJs, and plenty of outdoor space, Velvet is my jam. 

I may or may not have closed out the bar that night...

I go out pretty frequently. As my friends (or anyone who has met me, frankly) know, I am extremely social and enjoy nothing more than sharing a meal/drinks/madcat dance party with new friends. I was excited to take some of my blogger friends to Velvet for the first time. I frequently meet people out at Velvet who have interesting stories about their style. You know that I am passionate about collecting people's stories, and I have heard some wild ones in the graffiti-filled back patio of this nondescript little bar. 

That, my friends, is a tie clip that looks like a rifle. It is indeed more awesome than you first thought. Did you catch the subtle print on that tie? Yep. 

Katya of Spicy Candy DC rocked a full-on update of Sandra Dee, complete with high-waisted satin pants and leather jacket. I loved it. 

Krystin's dress is an original piece by one of the other attendees, the lovely Katherine Martinez of Le Petite Marmoset. With the help of her grandmother, Katherine reworks vintage pieces to make them more modern. I love that her grandmother is involved; my own passion for style is a result of my mother and grandmother, so I love to see other young, modern women who are moved by the same thing. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Kimberly Andree, who told me the story of her rings. Her Roman numeral piece is one she bought for herself when she graduated to remind herself to take advantage of her time and make good use of it. I love that! Life is too short not to live it fully and appreciate it. I was so glad to hear that from her. 

I was really glad to meet and immediately become good friends with Miss Cheralee Lyle, who recently moved to the DC area from South Africa. She has lived all over the world, and has a thoughtful appreciation for many of the same lovely and simple things that I do. Her vintage-infused style is always impeccable and accessible, and you know I love another lady rocking bangs with me! She came to my NYE party and then we met for coffee today (photos forthcoming from both), and have several excellent projects in the works so she'll certainly be a regular on the blog. 

Some people are easy to photograph, and she is nothing short of a delight. 

Another rifle tie clip, this time on the locally designed tie of Lukas B. Smith, founder of Derringer Friday. Check out this fun little photo of us together here

I'm a sucker for a redhead with a fuschia lip! So much fabulous sass. 

Hats are something that are sadly neglected nowadays, but I'm loving how the gentleman is rocking one out on the town. Very breezy dapper kind of vibe with the flip scarf, yeah?

The unmatched DJ Smudge. We're Twitter friends that became real life friends. It's hilarious.  

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Cheralee LyleAllix WrightCarlis and KatyaAshleyKrystin, and stylish other friends at Velvet. Several of the bloggers also covered the night, so peep around on the links I provided...I was dressed in some wild neon-dandy lipstick and argyle!