Thank You, Stylish DCers!

Hey team! Well, I don't know about you, but I am just a pooped pup after the fantastic style come out last night at Smith Commons. I'm going to do a whole fun photo round up and write up, but wanted to thank everyone for coming, looking incredible, and being so friendly! Everywhere I looked, I saw intelligent, smart people meeting one another and connecting through their sartorial choices. You rock! I'll say this again, but special thanks to Thirst DC and Smith Commons for rolling with my wild, spontaneous plan to get everyone together. 

I know we planned on going to the Fatback Anniversary (whoooo!), but with the weather being all alternative, and the fireplace all cheery, I think I'm staying in to edit up the photos and plan some wild new projects I'm working on. BUT YOU SHOULD GO, IT'LL BE GREAT!!

Maybe take some pictures? Kthanks.