Style Flash Mob DC

OK! So here are the long-awaited style mob photos! Thank you so much for your patience, I'm really excited to share them. Everyone looked amazing, the vibe was very laid back, and can't WAIT to do it again soon. And we will! Feedback was overwhelming; DC can't wait for the next occasion to get dressed. We'll do it soon, so stay tuned! 

Many thanks again to Smith Commons for hosting and Thirst DC for co-sponsoring. Cheers!

Paul Klein's delightful bow tie, shirt, suspenders print mix was one of my favorites of the night.

Cheralee Lyle and Alexander Gorman

Allix Wright

KC Ellis and her bold, beautiful fushcia lip

Myself, my cousin Jenna McMahon, Michelle Ferng, and stylist Elise Peterson

Shannon Cusello of Immortal Beloved, getting a little 1960's girl group oh la la in my apartment lobby

It was Cheralee's first time seeing snow! I think this joyful snow dance is my favorite photo of the night. 

Thirst DC cofounder Eric Schulze's pristine vintage 1960's work boots are courtesy of Dr. K's Vintage, of course. The man knows his work wear!

Thirst DC cofounder Lori Noto rocking some serious 70's style and fur. 

Smith Commons manager Anna Maria was dressed impeccably for the occasion. I love her brooch and silk shirt combo!

Accoutre founder and menswear icon Eliot Payne rocking SO. MUCH BEARD! And of course, his signature bow tie. 

So nice! Smith Commons surprised me by creating a custom cocktail for the party, with my favorite gin, Hendrick's! It was delicious and got everyone at the party!

Hanging out behind the bar in my sheer vintage beaded top and vintage Max Mara leather pants (It's Vintage Darling). 

Manager Sheldon made sure to take care of us all night, while looking incredible with that tie pin and perfect button-up shirt. 

Interior design guru Kia Weatherspoon and her husband Omar looked so old-school-meets-new-school fresh in fur and a perfect mix of prints. 

Plus, LOOK at her shoes. Yum, color blocking.

Michelle rocked a buttoned-up silk ruffled shirt with a vintage Burberry vest that she scooped form her grandmother. Keeping things all in the family, I love it!

Stylish men of the hour making nice! Paul Klein, Eric Schulze, and Omar

Cat power with some serious animal print for ladies and gentlemen. Trend? Definitely.

I LOVE this menswear-inspired outfit! Altered blazer makes for the perfect minidress, and her earrings are by a local jewelry designer.