NYE 2012: Sequins, Snakeskin, and Silk

For New Years' Eve, my cousin and I threw an intimate cocktail party before we all went out for some late night adventures out on the town. As I guessed here, our  party was filled with all manner of stylish wildness, including massive quantities of sequins, glitter, fur, Hendrick's, champagne, and quality terrace time.  I had a blast with lots of friends, including GoKateShoot regulars Cheralee Lyle, Elise Peterson, Cat Diesel, Mundy Spears, and Michelle Ferng. 

Elise is rocking a vintage hand-beaded shawl worn backwards as a scarf, paired with a velvet minidress and super-vamp lips. 

Yes, that cigarette matches my dress. I don't smoke but couldn't resist snagging one for coordination's sake!

Elise and Mundy sampled our fabulous Ghirardelli's chocolate-covered strawberries. 

Miss Lyle and I rocked dueling vintage sequin dresses. Mine is courtesy of It's Vintage Darling, of course.  Peep the detailing below. 

Actress Mundy Spears and her super-glam makeup. 

I love the tile in our entryway; it is complimented with 20' ceilings and triple crown molding that carries into our apartment and is just to die for. 

Smoking is bad. These rainbow-colored cigarettes look really, really good. Can I just carry them around and not smoke them? 

I love how soft-focused these shots of Cheralee and Oliver came out

Drink it, Mundy. No confusion. 

There is an INSANE floor-to-ceiling mirror in our entryway that is perfect for checking outfits before going out, or for big ol' group shots that include the photographer!

Cheralee rocking her vintage sequins with Oliver's jacket on top. Love that masculine/feminine mix.

Cat Diesel and I get our hair cut by the same wild-and-out stylist, Tyler Larish. 

Photos courtesy of a team-team photo attack by myself and photojournalist Michelle Ferng. Happy New Year, all!