Late Night at IVD

As happens more than I care to recount, last night I ended up hanging out at It's Vintage Darling talking big plans, personal style, and creative brainstorming until the wee hours of the morning. Buyer and manager Elise Peterson (who I've photographed so frequently, you can't go through this blog without getting hit in the head with a post featuring her modern-infused, disco fabulous style), Eliot Payne and I are involved in numerous yet-to-be-announced projects that demanded some serious hang time. So in typical stylista fashion, we ended up having a photo shoot with all of the new goodies IVD has. Official photos are forthcoming, but I was so enthralled with the stylish bits that I had to snap some photos with my trusty phone. Don't judge the photos, but focus on how super-swoon to-die-for the clothes are. 

This first look is very ethereal; I adore this high neck hand-beaded sheer top. With endless styling options from the most exposed to subtle, the potential of this impeccably cut piece sent me swooning. For our shoot, we paired it with a green khaki leather pencil skirt to get a mix of soft and feminine with a harder edge. We then added peep-toe Fendi sandals in greens and blues to give the look a subtle pop of color. 

I just had to document this impeccably-styled mannequin; the Native American printed coat is complimented with a 1950's feel classic button-up and squared tie. 

These ties are so colorful, they just made me smile. So dapper!

Annnnnnd vintage YSL heels. In my size. SWOON.