January Blogger's Night Out

Despite feeling under the weather and sad last week, I decided to pick myself up by my combat boot straps by going to the blogger night out for a little DC style inspiration. I got what I was looking for thanks to old and new sartorial friends. I had a blast bopping about with a new tech toy for my camera and documenting the growing scene here in Washington. 

These shoes above are one of my favorites from the night, not just for their beautifully intricate detailing, but how they were integrated into a perfectly styled look to make them inherently fresh and modern when paired with a flamingo skirt and buttery leather tote. So nice!

This clutch is from local DC designer lovecourtnie...such a nice subtle pattern. 

Excellent color play from the style mind behind Chain Strap Purse

The lovely Alina Gonzalez of The Hyperbalist, Refinery29, and just about any other DC fashion writing worth reading looking charming in classic Breton stripes layered with feminine sheers. How much do you love her ombré hair?! Adore. 

Masculine Ralph Lauren blazer meets feminine dots? Yes please! Her lovely dimpled smile is my favorite part though. 

This look was one of my favorites of the night...even though she's only in high school, this fashionista is rocking some serious sartorial opinion here. Half-tucked shirt? Perfect color combinations? PURPLE GLASSES?!? I love how she's letting her personality shine through her personal style...this is what it's all about. 

The ever-lovely Cheralee Lyle brought out her classic floral headband to keep things fun even though we're in the depths of East Coast winter. 

I wore a vintage men's hat that I pilfered from my writer friend Storm Heitman, a leopard poncho, serious hardware accessories, rock and roll pants and studded combat boots. You know, just something low key. Allix Wright of the District kept the trend going with her leopard too!

I ADORE this photo I took of Marshall of The President Wears Prada. An event staple, this tireless photog is not afraid to get down and dirty in the style trenches to get the most lovely, clean shots you've ever seen. He also photographed me in this moment, and the differences in the shots is striking. Check out Marshall's photo HERE

$3 DIY from Goodwill? OK! Do it up, you know I love a little metallic action!

Allix was rocking a serious arm party...check those tiny skulls! 

And her glasses. are. so. foxy. I just can't get over it. Seriously. So gorgeous and edgy and smart and wonderful. 

Cheralee's mesmorizing aquamarine eyes pop with her playful masculine/feminine mix of a classic white button-up and strand necklaces. 

There's nothing quite as stylish as a true smile though. 

Though you know I love a little refreshing drink once in a while. 

There you have it! Thank you so much for letting me photograph you, continuing to be an inspiration, and checking out photos day in and day out. Who says DC isn't stylish, eh?