IVD Roundup, Ladies and Gentlemen

As I often do, I spent an inordinate amount of time people watching, photographing, and studying style at It’s Vintage Darling this weekend. These photos are the most recent, hailing from a project meeting last night peppered with some work, play, and interesting people. I photographed the store for national fashion influencer Refinery 29, since IVD has some wild and wonderful new merchandising (hello cow skull!). In addition, stylist Elise Peterson and I met with the ever-brilliant Michelle German and Kimee Brown to discuss some exciting avant-garde projects that are coming up quickly. We were joined by my two stylish guy friends, clothing designer Alexander Gorman of The Good Kin and rock band front man Deane Calcagni of Kinky Creature.

Makeup artist Michelle German is rocking a homage to MLK with her African print bow tie and menswear vibe. Her strong brow really pulls the look together; I really enjoy it.

Deane was enjoying rocking a vintage jacket with his power stance.

Can one have too many cow skulls? Nope. 

Elise was wearing a cinched-up leather skirt that was wonderfully buttery and voluminous.

IVD has lots of really fun vintage Penthouse magazines that Deane was enjoying creeping on. I love how campy that Lucky Strikes ad is (Don Draper would be proud)! 

I have another week filled with exciting photo meetings; I promise I share lots of news soon! 2012 is looking good, DC, well done. I can't wait to keep photographing.