Francy Z Graham: Punk Promoter Skater Chica

I love to bask in other people's coolness. Old, young, ladies, men, it doesn't matter; I love to talk with and photograph people who seem to emanate their own intimate kind of swag. The last person I photographed last weekend was Francy Z Graham. Francy (don't you just die for her name? I love it.) is a punk rock band promoter with a bag stuffed full of paper fliers who rides a neon pink skateboard


Francy also has the most bomb-diggity rockergrrl  hair around, very post-Karen O. 

And she's in high school. WHAT?!?! I can assure you, I was not this cool when I was in high school. Francy rocks because when asked, she'll tell you crazy amazing stories about each of her necklaces (one is from the band Semi Precious Weapons, obviously). She understood my mission to capture style and stories, and even though I was behaving really excitedly (NEON PINK SKATEBOARD!!), she entertained my wildness to take some photos. 

Thank you Ms. Francy.