Eva & Kerry: Continuing to Inspire

Hi everyone. I have never been so glad to have this blog as I have been in the last six days. What began as a cathartic personal homage to my beautiful friends Kerry and Eva has blossomed into something much greater than I ever anticipated. Thousands of friends, family, and inspired strangers have read and been moved by the images and stories of these beautiful young women. If you read the comments on the posts, and I encourage you to, you will see that many are moved to tears. As the days pass, I receive more and more letters of gratitude and support for the work that shows our lost loves, even from strangers who never knew the girls. As I wrote on the girls' Facebook walls late last night after hours of responding to every email I received about them, people near and far continue to be inspired. I have been moved to tears more times I can count by the beautiful stories people have chosen to share, either about the girls, or their own personal experiences with grief and unexpected loss. As I have said countless times, thank you for reaching out. The bottomless feeling of grief is thick, and difficult, and palpable, but it is through this work, and these photos, that I have truly come to know the girls even more deeply. I have been given an intense outpouring of love as people find solace in remembering the girls for who they truly were, and I wanted to share that here with all of you. Through this tragedy, we are all connecting with people who loved the people we loved, and that is so deeply beautiful that I am moved even now. 

I have many more photos I want to, and will, share of the girls. When I initially photographed them, it was always my intention to put together a book, and with the blessing of the girls' families would like to do so now. Eva's boyfriend Mark was also on the Versions studio shoot, and we will be working with Eva's sister Hannah, also an artist, to put it together. WE NEED YOUR HELP. If you would like, and when you are ready, we would love to have you send us your stories, memories, and anecdotes of Kerry and Eva. From the smallest poetic note about their infectious smiles or short stories that magnify who they are, everything is worth sending. We will compile the written pieces with the many photos we have of the girls and will make the books available to everyone. After covering printing costs, money made will be split and donated equally to the girls' respective scholarship funds at Marist College. Please send everything to GoKateShoot@gmail.com, or inbox Mark or me on Facebook. If you would prefer to send a hard copy or letter, email me and I will provide you with my address. 

Thank you for your energy, your love, and your devotion to keeping the memory of our girls alive.