Brunch Jumping at Busboys

I meet a lot of people, or rather, my camera allows me to meet a lot of people. As many of my closest friends (who I met because I photographed them) know, I can and will talk to anyone who is dressed. While I was at a brunch with some fellow fashionistas last weekend during my double brunch Sunday funday extravaganza adventure, I saw a little crew come into Busboys and Poets as they walked past my table. They were dressed. Not loudly, since this was clearly some hangover fashion, but dressed nonetheless. I approached their table, introduced myself, and asked if I could photograph them. 

Oh. Boy. STORIES. Yep. 

This first gentleman is, among many other things, the founder of Thirst DC. Eric Schulze is also a leading stem cell researcher, genetic engineer, linguist, vintage car (Mustang) builder, tie pin collector, and style connoisseur, to name a few. Or a spectacularly good liar, but that I highly doubt. There will be many more stories to come about this dapper gentleman and his vintage Tarts specs (I think they're divine, for the record), but I'll foster a sense of mystery around him for now. 

Instead, I'll talk really briefly about Thirst, which is an event sort of like TED, except with booze. Big ideas, interesting people, and whiskey? I'M IN. Eric approached me about giving a talk for Thirst and after a grueling battle of wits and wills, I gave in with little/no fight, because really I was insanely excited at the prospect. Me, loving talking?!?! WHAT? Yes. So I'll be giving a talk for Thirst DC, whoo!! That is, if Eric and I don't banter and brawl our way into oblivion or a brutal fight first. We'll see. The man collects tie clips, I think I'll be fine. 

So anyway, meet Eric. 

Admire the glasses, have a moment with them. 

Tie clips come later, YOU HAVE TO WAIT. 

Next comes Lori! Lori and her insanely amazing denim jacket is actually the reason I approached the group in the first place. You see, I have been arguing about the style (or lack thereof, depending) of denim jackets with some seriously fresh DC designers recently. Battle Royale over denim jackets, the real deal. So anyway, Lori walked into Busboys and I had to eat my words; this denim jacket is nothing short of GLORIOUS and badass. Yep. LOOK AT IT. Stunning. Haha. So the story is that Lori was traveling and went to an antique warehouse. She shopped for 3 hours and toward the end found this jacket. WITH HER NAME ON IT. Yep. Many of the patches are vintage military and have significance; Lori is so rad that she went and found out what they all mean! That's awesome! 

Have a moment with this jacket. 

And finally, some classic brunch attire: the stunnas. I'm going to let these speak for themselves. Awesome  amount of swag. I love it.