Hey stylish friends! 

As you may or may not have heard already, some sartorially-inclined friends will be getting together to drink up and get down this weekend. Put on your wildest finest and come out to meet some fellow dapper dudes and gals. And obviously, I'll take your picture. As always, we will have gin, whiskey, and more sartorially gushing ("OMG I LOVE YOUR BANGS!!") than you can intelligently handle. So let's drink, make merry, and take photos that will inevitably be uber-fabulous and end up on websites where people will question whether ALL OF THIS lives in DC. Bring whoever you like (the hotness), your love for booze (gin, whiskey, tequila, whatever blows your skirt up), and your best Blue Steel (just kidding, you know I hate that shit) so I can take photos. This, my dears, is an occasion to get dressed.

YES YOU SHOULD WEAR THAT. Whatever it is, YES. Heels? Yes. Tie clip? Yes. Fascinator (Ciao Nina)? Obviously. You're sexy and you know it and I know and want to document it. Members of our party will be anywhere between 4'10" and 6'6" so you should get dressed and step out. Per usual I will be wearing my ADULT BEVERAGES 6" heels and probably a fur. Maybe some little dress thing in there too, although you never know.

Here's the ish:

To start the weekend off right and in style, I’m hosting a pop-up photo shoot out on H St. Despite it being in Siberia, I am getting out of my U St. rut and visiting my numerous friends who live over on that side of town.  We're going to bar hop starting at SmithCommons at 10:30 and ending at Rock N Roll Hotel, at which point I will probably only be wearing my ADULT BEVERAGES heels and fur. There will be TaylorGourmet if Eliot Payne has anything to do with it, and we will end the night in a flurry of food orgasm-related tweets, glitter, and revelry. 

IS FATBACK'S ANNIVERSARY!! For the uninitiated, Fatback is a retro funk and soul dance party at Bohemian Caverns on U St. that is voted the best place to boogie. HANDS. DOWN. EVER. I am more hyper for this sweaty disco-fabulous party than a man with a mustache on a Saturday night. You may actually get both out of this. Put on your disco hotpants and come out for round two. 

Feel free to respond with RSVPs, questions, style/booze/shenanigans-related thoughts, or to find us tomorrow night email at or via tweet @GoKateShoot. I love you all.