Arena Stage: Dress Rehearsal

Don't worry team, the Style Mob photos are coming soon. Thank you for your patience as I took time to pay my respects to my friends who passed away over the weekend. As they proved, style and substance go hand in hand. 

A couple of weeks ago, international creative marketing firm and DCWeek masterminds iStrategyLabs named me one of DC's 25 Creative Innovators. First, this is my formal thank you! I am flattered, and excited to be part of a group of some of my favorite people in Washington. Here's the issue: we never got the full list of recipients, so the full list of awardees remains a mystery. BUT! We'll find out. The awardees and our guests got to attend the dress rehearsal of the new show at Arena Stage, called the Elephant Room. Now, I don't want to ruin it, but there are are a plethora of pornographic mustaches in this completely charming and wildly witty show. There may or may not also be magic. Go see it and find out. But. There are mustaches. And you all know how I feel about mustaches (!!!). 

In addition, there was a veritable cast of DC art and style scene characters that I was just so excited to photograph. Cahoots! I dragged 3 women into the bathroom with me because THE LIGHTING IS INSANE AND THE WALLS ARE RED AND IT WILL LOOK GREAT WITH YOUR COAT YES YOU'RE GORGEOUS OMG COME WITH ME OK FANTASTIC!! So I shot a bit. And it was fantastic. Many thanks to Liz Gorman, Sheldon Scott, Eric Schulze, Andi, Malinda Diachenko, and Shona Fenner for tolerating and encouraging my spontaneous photo shenanigans. You're stunning.  

I need to photograph in this set. With this lighting. Look at it!! Amazing! Disco chic to the max. And again, mustache. HELLO THERE.

More incredible set. And mustaches. LOVE.