An Afternoon At the Freemasonry

As part of the aforementioned super Sunday adventure that Miss Cheralee and I had, we chose the  Freemason Temple near my apartment for a sunset locale for some photos as we chased the end of the light. I was once introduced to a photographer who referred to photographers as "painters of light", and that is the perfect description. As a result, I am always acutely aware of where the light is, where it is coming from, and the tone it is setting. As you'll see from the photos below, the late afternoon light was delightfully soft for our little shoot. This massive building was a perfect setting for some grandiose snaps of our brunching styles. 

I love this fantastically layered shot we captured in the glass of the pre-war building next door. From the wrought iron detailing to the leather couch and stark tree branches, this photo is a perfect reflection of the nuances of these beautiful old buildings in Dupont.  

I am wearing a bow tie that Eliot Payne and I made for our bow tie company, Accoutre. It's a very dastardly quilted leopard print that matches absolutely nothing I own. Obviously I'll be wearing it all the time. Like it? You can find it and other wildly whimsical bowies here. Yum! I paired it with a comfortable striped turtleneck and some serious 1920's jodhpurs from Dr. K's Vintage, which I also wore for the Tweed Ride. At first glance you'd think, sweet Lord, those pants will make my butt look enormous! but then it's OK and somehow they magically don't. More or less, haha. 

Delightfully, Cheralee is wearing a men's Brooks Brothers classic white shirt styled with a classic black dress. She borrowed the shirt from her boyfriend when her own did not have a strong enough collar. I love the high-low mix of masculine and feminine energies, plus it's really special that she is mixing pieces meant for both genders as well. 

I love love love a fuschia lip. Also, I went out wearing it the night before and it wouldn't come off so I embraced it. Ah well! Photos of me nicely taken by the talented Cheralee Lyle.