South Moon Under Blogger Event

Last week I went to an event at local boutique South Moon Under, who graciously hosted some fashion and style bloggers for a little holiday meet-up. The store looked lovely and they provided some really fun eats and treats for us to nibble as we chatted style.

I was pretty tired, but was glad I went as a got a chance to chat with the ladies of Spicy Candy DC. I love Katya's festive use of neon, and the color combination of neon greens and burnt oranges in her lipstick and ring. Such good arm candy! Her blonde hair is so easy as well. 

Here is a look from a local jewelry designer, who I also photographed here. After an updated haircut, she looks really different! I love the symmetry of the lines of her hair with her extreme double color. Really fun!

Plus her extreme shoes have amazing lines as well. Yum!

I opted for a nearly monochromatic look that played with texture, pairing glitter tights with high-waited lacy shorts, velvet, and cashmere. When it's so chilly out, it's nice to be both cozy and fabulous. 

My vintage 1920's camera bag from IVD fits everything I need, and always get a lot of compliments. My stylist lent it to me for an event and then once I got attached to it, I decided I had to make it a permanent part of my wardrobe. I love it, it's so special!