Saturday Afternoon Update

If Joan Jett and Bettie Page had a love child she would have my new haircut. I'm deep in the mode of setting up house as we unpack and settle in, but I had some time to pop over to see one of DC's most talented, edgy stylists at his house last night. We've been friends since I moved to the city, and it was high time I let him get his hands on my hair. We had a beer and I gave him carte blanche, no fear. I love how it turned out and will share photos soon!

In the meantime, here are two shots I took yesterday. 

The first is of the super-classic 60's look I had yesterday, all winged liner and mini-bouffant with the most buttery cashmere I own. The second photo is of the bottom of my favorite studded combat boots. I love the contrast of feminine and masculine energies, and the details of each. There are few things nicer than the perfect black cashmere turtleneck, or beautifully hand-crafted boots.