Push Yourself, NYC

Hey team, I apologize for the hiatus. Friday afternoon I got a message from a close friend who is an amazingly talented photographer and photo assistant in NYC asking if I could come assist on a major fashion shoot the next morning. I have assisting experience, but certainly not on the scale with which I was then faced. I grit my teeth, canceled my plans and was on the bus alone a few hours later, off and away into the night. I got brave and did it because I know it was an opportunity to push myself. 

We had an 8am call, and when we got to the location, I was moved by the incredible light in the unheated warehouse in Manhattan where fashion magazines like Vogue, Vanity Fair, and W shoot frequently. The space, model, clothes, and work ethic and vision of the team were truly inspiring. I am moved to investigate the creation of photos, and not simply capturing them as they pass. 

I would love to share images with you, but I was there to assist. As I found with modeling, sometimes the best way to learn photography is to put the camera down and just listen. I don't care for technical photographers who take "nice" photos; I want technical skills in order to develop my vision and expand my potential to manifest the images I have in my creative mind. For all that DC has done for me, I am really excited to work on projects that push me to learn more and develop my photos. 

Thank you for just reading, this once. I'll be back with more photos next, I promise. :)